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Painting Your Property – The Reflect Way

The painting process is something we take seriously. While all jobs are unique, they can generally be broken down into three distinct stages, each vital to achieving an outstanding result.


Like much in life, when it comes to painting a valuable real estate asset, preparation is key. A poorly prepared exercise is doomed to failure.

Before a surface may be painted it must be scraped, filled, sanded, and smoothed so that freshly applied paint may adhere uniformly.

Dry flaky paint, gaps, unevenness, rough edges, and dampness are all enemies of a professional finish.

Reflect specialises in restoring heritage dwellings to their former glory, and this type of job is typically reliant upon exceptional preparation across many challenging surfaces. Many such assignments typically see more than 50% of our work hours spent engaged in meticulous preparation.

The Job

Most painting jobs require more than one coat of paint. Worn or damaged surfaces often require a preparatory undercoat in addition to the layers that await.

A kind surface may only require two expertly applied coats, while aged or damaged surfaces may require up to four. The disparity or otherwise of the new and old colour schemes will also determine how many layers will achieve the best result.

Dark colours generally show through lighter varieties, calling for additional attention. How many coats of paint will your house require? Which colour scheme will maximise its value?

Consult a Reflect expert for a risk-free appraisal.

The Finish

When surfaces have been prepared, and painted it comes time to focus on the finish. Like a poorly iced cake, a badly finished paint job will fail to impress.

Spots, drips, splashes, spills or missed sections will all undo an otherwise a satisfactory result. Attention to detail, patience, keen eyes, and steady hands are all essential in achieving the Reflect finish.

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