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Guide to selecting paint colours

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The impact of paint colours

The colours that we surround ourselves with have a large impact on our state of mind, mood, and general outlook.

As professional painters and decorators, we often get asked for advice regarding the best use of colour in the properties that we paint.

While there are no absolute rules, here are some guidelines that can help choose your next colour scheme.


White is by far the most popular paint colour. It adds light to any surface or room and creates a feeling of space.

White ceilings are almost universal, however, too much white can make a house feel sterile, almost like a hospital.

White is a great match for almost any other colour, providing contrast with darker more interesting tones. There are also a huge variety of whites, so consideration is required when choosing the base colour for your interior.

Darker Shade Paint Colours

Dark paint colours like brown, grey and blue can give a cosy intimate feel, and can be a great match for a den, rumpus room, or even office. 

Entering a darker room can give a feeling of escape, almost like one is hiding out in a cave.

Dark walls contrast very nicely with a white ceiling, and can provide character and individuality when applied to the right room.

Bright Paint Colours

Bright paint colours are very popular in children’s bedrooms. Yellow is the very first colour that infants respond to, and vibrant colours are thought to stimulate young minds.

Bright paint colours also work well as a feature wall in a living room, or to differentiate sections of an open-plan dwelling.

Bright paint colours should generally be used sparingly to heighten their impact, but correctly applied, add an individual twist to a space.

Cool Paint Colours

Cool colours such as light pastels are thought to have a calming influence. They can provide a feeling of security and ease, and are therefore well suited to a living room or master bedroom.

Light greens and blues are very popular in this type of setting.

Purple is thought to stimulate creativity, and works well in a studio or children’s playroom, where creative minds are working away.

There are many factors to consider when choosing the colour scheme for your next paint job. Many properties benefit from a little adventurousness. If you have any questions about what colours might work for your dwelling, consult with one of our expert team for advice.

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